a chain of failed electronics stores
lest go to that abandoned "the wiz" at the mall
by a friend July 21, 2003
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When you need to go pee. Not to be cofused with wee, in scottish, cuz scottsmen use wee to say little.
by bitch imma kick u in u dick January 31, 2020
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to wee, pee, or urinate
'ere yar mate, look after me drink while i go for a wiz!
by miss.louise November 17, 2006
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1. blunts filled with crack, weed and herion

2. Street name for methamphetamine that can be taken by snorting

3. Wiz or Wizer is street slang for the drug Speed
man that dealer hooked me up with some killer wiz.

yo my man we were chillin by the day smokin a wiz

He is wired on wiz at the moment
by ABSOLUTE February 18, 2008
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a moment of stupidity.
this is named after wizardguy on the fablemod.com forums who posts too much and posts questions that have been answered already.
aaah man that was a wiz moment
by Karl Schatke March 20, 2005
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