When it's raining lightly, it's a cross between spitting and drizzling. I.e. It's not drizzling and it's not spitting, but it's a bit of both.
"It's sort of spitting and drizzling outside"
"No, it's spizzling"
by maxiez March 8, 2008
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originally came from the "spot" a place to get heroine or crack from Chicago's west side. " just starting after harlem ave. off 290"
T weso and ice pick hit a lick now they are going to the the spizzle to cop.
by Vdux August 21, 2007
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man i had some of the bomb 0 gravity spizzle and i was fucked up
by Lytez Out August 26, 2011
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1.when someone is talking, and they accidentally spit on you.
2. when your casually walking and someone randomly spits on you.
1. "doood you just spizzled on me! gross!"
2."i was walkin and some mutha fucka spit a big one at me!"
by jandraka September 25, 2007
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A sip or otherwise limited quantity of food or beverage.
Aw dude, lemmie get a spizzle of that Gatorade, my cottonmouth is killin me
by Bruno F'Sho March 3, 2005
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A media document used to inform clients of how much money they need to advertise on the radio.
by Account Guy August 27, 2003
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