another way of telling a person they are a fucking dumbass
"bruh you know that guy jimbo? He's such a 290
by Jimbo the 290 November 6, 2019
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In the state of California, calling someone a 290 is calling them a Chomo (child molester). As 290 refers to the penal code for a sex offender. It is probably the worst label you can place on a person.
Hey doggie, they just integrated yards and now you gotta program with 290s.
by Cali's Finest June 23, 2021
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The highway that goes through worcester mass clearly the best city in the 508 area code
yo lets ride down 290 to take a trip to main south

dont get off 290 at kelly square unless your going to the hood
by T-rit November 15, 2017
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AMT; Alpha-MethylTryptamine
Methylated trypamine known to be psychoactive
"I puked my ass of on the IT-290 and then became a super god"
by kefka March 6, 2004
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The "290 Pose" is an act witch someone is taking a bathroom selfie and runs out of idea's for poses and decides to prop his up against the towel rack and makes a dramatic looking face and takes a picture as if everything is normal.
Hey did you see Gino's "290 Pose"?
Everyone's been doing it lately.
by Seth killian June 21, 2014
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A euphemism for the word "fuck" inspired by its placement on Page 290 of the Mueller Report, in which Trump says "This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked."
Friend: "Hey man, you up for happy hour tonight?"
You: "Not tonight man, I need to work late. I have report due tomorrow morning and I'll be Page 290'd if it isn't in on time."
by Mr. Lumbergh April 21, 2019
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