WEE SOH(south texas spanish slang)weso-an individual with cowardly manurisms.(1)one whom is quick to rat out a friend or someone who is constantly intimidated (punked)for running their mouth.(2)an individal who often lies to make themselves seem popular or important.(3)spreads lies to start trouble for others.(4)one who starts confrontation over the phone/internet etc. yet quickly denies any wrong doing when confronted.or stands down or hides behind others or police in order to avoid trouble they brought on themselves.(5)or an individual who can't fight for themselves.always needs back up.
needs to out number their opponent w/a large group of other people.one quick to start shit w/ another person because the (weso)has a weapon; such as a gun,gang,or other to defend them.usally preying on the innocent,weak or someone who is w/ their family or child/ren who is in no position to confront the weso because of the security of their family,etc.(6)no balls.(7)malicious.one who likes to get others in trouble at school, w/the law,etc just for shits and giggles.

can also be used to describe a female with the same personality traits.i.e. wesa WEE SAH

(1)all of the above
(2)a bitch who purposly gets pregnaunt for the sole purpose of collecting welfare/child support or other government funding.
fuck you weso.

josh is a weso.

dinas' a fuckin wesa.

only a weso would do some ho ass shit like that.

come here weso

(if you can't figure it out by out you're a fuckin weso)
by that guy in glasses December 29, 2009
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Predominantly used by the Hispanic culture/community "The Weso" is the west side of town.
I'm from the south, he's from the Weso.
by Ran_Effect December 23, 2017
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A bad man

So bad me doesn’t show love… unless it’s drugs
“The girls want a weso but they won’t hack the barman lifestyle”
by WogE November 23, 2021
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