A dude. Only with a cooler spelling. Come on...Doood!!
Hey doood!
by Eminie November 25, 2003
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an idiot who thinks slowly and can't say "dude" properly and as such lengthens out the "oo" sounding part of the word
Chris is an idiot doood
by Pat Sam March 18, 2008
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What a person that is texting you says when they say when they didn’t learn how to speak ingerish good no more and they attempt to spell the word dude
by MC.Fluffers April 12, 2018
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"Sauh Doood" is commonly confused with suh dud but it not suh dod. It makes it a retarted version so if you say sauh dood your basicly fking retarted.
Sauh Dood
Your gay

WHy am i gay
Saying Sauh Doood Makes yOu gay
by doweIIz November 21, 2017
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