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"But you will receive power when the Hizzle Spizzle comes upon you..." Acts 1:8 Revised
by d.gizzle January 21, 2006
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What my drunken next door neighbor wrote on my bathroom mirror in shaving cream. It is a combination of his last name and his own self-professed stupidity. Now... go die in a poo swamp
Why the fuck is spizzle barf written on my mirror in shaving cream? And why isn't there a mouth on my nard sack? Damn that Aunt Jemima.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003
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An Old English way for saying that you wanted to cock fight someone. Usually inside a bar bathroom.
"Hey Mike! Come into the back with me and we'll Spizzle the Drizzle."
by TheSpizzleWizard November 9, 2021
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