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The airline makes you sit on a shitty and assing seat for the rest of your life and making you pay for everything! They use cheap air tickets to get your ass.
Dude: WTF just happened! I just flew on Spirit Airlines and the flight attendant made me pay for everything!
Friend: NO SHIT! You should have flown on Southwest!
by yballerz July 25, 2015
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The Natty Light of the airline industry. Low prices match the equally low quality. But hey, if you don't mind a 3 day delay and less leg room that the back seat of a 1992 Honda Civic, then this is the airline for you.
Good thing I only paid $13 dollars for this Spirit Airlines ticket. If I would've paid any more I wouldn't have been able to afford this hotel room I'll be staying in until they reschedule my flight.
by CaptainRockStone July 30, 2017
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