(V) To perform a hard/shitty landing.
The captain just ryanaired, we are scared and have shat our pants.
by ryancflam January 30, 2019
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You pay for what you get. And I mean no more!!!!!1
My plane crashed but I survived, Oh what a bummer, now I have to pay €50 on Ryanair for a lifejacket!!!!!1
by Eaglei32 October 4, 2018
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An Irish airline that offers terrible service and has cruel, thick staff who dont give a shit about passengers. Ryanair has been criticised for many aspects of its customer service. They have had many lawsuits against them including forcing a boy with a broken leg stand for the duration of a flight, they would not provid a cancer sufferer a wheelchair, using foul and offensive language and attempting to grab a boarding card from a passenger. Ryanair does not recognise the Irish Airline Pilots' Association (IALPA), although it is the largest pilots' union in Ireland.
Ryanair may be cheap but the price doesnt seem to include good customer service.
by GreenGurl August 17, 2007
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The biggest piece of shit in the history of the earth
Dude my bum is mishaped due to Ryanair’s weird seats, the flight attendant offered me to buy comfy seats for 130€/Hr but I said no.
by Handpumpcracklebum July 25, 2018
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1. To perform one of the scariest and shitiest landings possible.
2. to have service and crew from a fucking failing diner
1. the captain just Ryanaired the plane half of the people are dead
2. the crew on Ryanair was so shitty it felt like the dollar general.
by jeidcsdhvjhuxofjvfdgvdfvdfv October 14, 2019
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The best ever airline, better than emerets

I’m joking
What do I write here?

Ok Ryanair?
by Rugbyface10 January 21, 2019
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The most worst, shitty and cheapest airline in the world. They charge for everything, except for bad customer service. They shove fees up your ass. Also, They have the worst landings.
Dude, Ryanair is expensive. Emirates is cheaper
by Boeing 777-300ER August 19, 2019
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