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a site that grabs your ip (duh)
when your ip is exposed, your location is also exposed
Guy: this Greg guy keeps spamming the same ip grabber link
Greg: grabify.com/qasiodadadfaf
by ofrfr October 12, 2020
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was an epic game, now its the crappiest, its modded counterparts are fucking better than it, it deserved to fucking die and turn into a sandbox...

...but everyone should try it
guy: yo dude, wanna play A Bizzare Day?
other guy: hell no bro, im farming for skull in abdm
guy: but you can get mohe now
other guy: do i look like i fucking care?
by ofrfr October 18, 2020
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It is a type of Martial Arts knife that is commonly used in Malaysian and Philippine Martial Arts... the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive made it popular, some players waste their dollars buying the weapon together with the AWP sniper rifle
Dude... i just got the Karambit
Weak... i got the AWP!
by ofrfr July 7, 2019
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Makes you better on any game 100% working
John: omg dude how are u so good at csgo
Mark: oh my pc has RGB
by ofrfr December 14, 2020
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chad a bizzare day modded discord admin, he likes touhou, he hates jojo fans, he bullies people, very angry, everyone likes him
retard: sonkick sucks lol get a job retard
sonkick: *insert insult montage here* *insert swear word here*
by ofrfr October 18, 2020
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(Zankoku na tenshi no teze) the opening of 1995 anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, cures depression, whilst the show itself brings all of that said depression back
"wew, my depression disappears when i listen to A Cruel Angel's Thesis"
by ofrfr October 12, 2020
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1 - Ohio State University
2 - osu!

Ohio State University is a random university in Ohio duh
osu! is a rythm game, there are 4 gamemodes, osu!, osu!mania, osu!catch, osu!mania, all of these are hard in their own way
Matt: i study at osu (ohio state university)
Nathan: i was the greatest osu player (osu!)
by ofrfr December 14, 2020
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