The Natty Light of the airline industry. Low prices match the equally low quality. But hey, if you don't mind a 3 day delay and less leg room that the back seat of a 1992 Honda Civic, then this is the airline for you.
Good thing I only paid $13 dollars for this Spirit Airlines ticket. If I would've paid any more I wouldn't have been able to afford this hotel room I'll be staying in until they reschedule my flight.
by CaptainRockStone July 31, 2017
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The airline makes you sit on a shitty and assing seat for the rest of your life and making you pay for everything! They use cheap air tickets to get your ass.
Dude: WTF just happened! I just flew on Spirit Airlines and the flight attendant made me pay for everything!
Friend: NO SHIT! You should have flown on Southwest!
by yballerz July 8, 2015
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The Deifinition of Ryanair of America... with 3 day delays, legroom breaks your knee... hard landings break your neck... and of course, dragging people off the plane...
Dude... i just flew on Spirit Airlines and it sucked!
by ofrfr May 30, 2019
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A disgrace to Aeronautics that makes you pay more for peanuts than the tickets.
Flight Attendant: Would you like to have a seat? That would be $1,500
Passenger: How are you not giving everyone seats on an Airplane? AN AIRPLANE?
Flight Attendant: What did you think, this is Spirit Airlines, your ticket was $589.99
by Philip, Duke of Parma March 7, 2023
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Being tricked into a service that robs you, unknowingly signing on to something because you think it is a good deal only to find yourself penniless and hungry wishing you had chosen Delta.
Tyler: John I just got a truck off craigslist for $200
John: That's awesome, how does it run?
Tyler: It only came with the steering wheel.
John: Oh shit boy you just got spirit airlined!

That woman plays more tricks than a Spirit Airline's stewardess.
by llama tattoo July 7, 2012
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The worst airline in the world, they lose your luggage, spit on your shoe and jam the drink service right up your ass. The best part is you have to pay for that with there “low bare fare
I had to fly spirit airlines, it was so bad!
by Jsjjsjshbdbdjsbsb December 29, 2018
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A terrible airline reviled by everybody in the world
Aw shit, I have to fly Spirit Airlines.
by sleep deprived nerd October 10, 2023
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