When you've drank too much alcohol and you feel as though the room is spinning. Usually happens once you try falling asleep and is extremely uncomfortable. Gets worse when you switch sleep positions.
"I can't sleep i've got the spinnies! I'm never drinking again!"
by PrincesssCaitlin July 10, 2008
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In foosball, when an amateur player rapidly spins the handles more than 720° when shooting the ball.
Bro, that goal doesn't count; I said no spinnies.
by ts93x June 13, 2014
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When u spin round whilst drinking a drink at the same time(alcohol) and lean ur head backwards
by Holly December 11, 2004
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The dance move you do while listening to pop smoke or any woo music. Sometimes referred to twirling. This spinning and hopping on one leg movement is used to express your feeling towards the music.
Omg bitch do a spinny!!”
by thepettiestofthemall July 07, 2020
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This word is orginated from South West England, Mainly said if someone is confused about something.
Spinny also means, Confused, Strange, Tripping, Odd, Mysterious, Unfamiliar
"That thing looks well Spinny"
"I just ate something Spinny, please tell me what it was?"
"You will look Spinny, if you wore that out"
"This place looks Spinny"
by Mr T April 12, 2004
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Take selfie while spinning . Creating an image with the background blurred out due to motion
by zwiik April 06, 2015
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The feeling you get after playing a video game for at least three straight hours, usually a RPG one. It's a feeling hard to describe, almost as if you've checked out of your life for a while and then were suddenly thrown back in.
After six straight hours of Final Fantasy, Tom felt so spinny that he couldn't even tell the pizza guy where he lived.
by Becks Grevau April 25, 2007
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