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Something that seems odd or queer. Not neccesarily "gay".
I told my friend my Dad was acting fruity after I caught him dancing around in a banana costume.
by Becks Grevau June 16, 2007
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Form of tag in which when tagged by the player who is it, you must "freeze". You can become unfrozen when another player who is not it tags you. The player who is it wins when everyone is tagged.
"Let's play freeze tag, Johnny's it!"
by Becks Grevau March 27, 2007
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Just okay. A step above blah
I really love that new song by Spoon. But the video is meh.
by Becks Grevau August 12, 2007
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Short for "Supernatural", the show currently airing on the CW.
I watched a SuNa marathon today. Dean is like, so hot.
by Becks Grevau August 15, 2007
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The hatred one feels towards their parents.
With every sip of alcohol her mother took, Sam's parehate grew.
by Becks Grevau May 25, 2007
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A band that rights basic and generic songs that pretty much everyone and anyone can relate too. Usually found in the pop/rock catergory. Can be used positivley or negativley.

Postive use:

Guy 1: I really like Daughtry's song, Home.
Guy 2: Who wouldn't? There such a great everyman band.

Negative use:
Guy 1: Did you get Nickelback's new album?
Guy 2: *scoffs* Ha. I wouldn't spend a nickel on that crappy everyman band.
by Becks Grevau November 21, 2007
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