A speed bump is:

1. A bump of speed(Amphetamine, Ethylamphetamine) that you mix with soda and drink or that you sniff with a straw. Speed bumps are usually weighed on a scale before you consume(eat) it. These speed bumps are fun!

2. A bump in the road put there by the city to slow down traffic to around 25mph. If you drive too fast over a speed bump, your car will get off the ground and then crash back down on the floor, causing damage to your car, and then maybe a ticket. These speed bumps suck.

3. A game where if you're driving over a speed bump, you and your friends do a speed(Amphetamine, Ethylamphetamine) bump. Doing speed bumps are fun and distract you from the stupid speed bumps you got to drive over.
*speed bump ahead
Bobby: Let's do speed bumps!

Cindy: Sure!

Crank Mountain: Doing speed bumps is going to be cool!

*Crank Mountain slows down the car
*speed bump.

Bobby: *sniffs speed

Cindy: *sniffs speed
Crank Mountain: *sniffs speed
Bobby, Cindy, and Crank Mountain: Oh yeah!
by HawaiianPunch1 December 22, 2021
What the person in the passenger seat tells you that you just drove over but you both know it’s a body
You: shoot what was that we drove over

Passenger :it’s just a speed bump
You: but theirs no speed bumps on my driveway
Passenger: it’s ..... ok....
by Missmoomoomoo July 7, 2019
One who is always slowing down those around him/her because they are slow themselves.
I hate working with Tom. It takes forever to get anything dne because he is such a speed bump
by jimmyeatdorrito December 3, 2007
An abnormally large line of cocaine.
"Whoooooooo.......that speed bump damn near killed me, dawg!"
by Anonymous July 25, 2004
An assinine attempt to slow traffic in parking lots or on roads. These bumps are put in by assholes in an attempt to reduce speeds on main through roads in some residential areas. Speed bumps often result in cussing by the "victims" who want to exercise their rights to travel on smooth public roads. Often these pissed off people will speed up excessively after passing over a speed bump to spite the assholes responsible!
by Charles_U_Farley September 3, 2009
Dude, don't forget to speed bump between those Fireball shots or you'll have a hangover.
by Chili_Dawg_3000 July 31, 2022
1. a hump in the road designed to stop cars from going above 25 in a residential area.

2. anything that prevents one from achieving one's goals
by Light Joker August 18, 2007