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Something you will do from ages 0-7 then believe you have grown out of it from 8-14 then realise you will spend the rest of your life crying daily
Rando : u look like you’ve been crying

You: haha yeah

Rando : BIG ooft their bro

You : large ooft bruh
Rando : no worries bro everything will be ok
by Missmoomoomoo July 09, 2019

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What the person in the passenger seat tells you that you just drove over but you both know it’s a body
You: shoot what was that we drove over

Passenger :it’s just a speed bump
You: but theirs no speed bumps on my driveway
Passenger: it’s ..... ok....
by Missmoomoomoo July 07, 2019

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Nicer word for can’t hunt can’t fish can’t mind own business
Vegan : I’ll order a salad

You : I’ll have the steak

you : sorry I’m not a vegan
by Missmoomoomoo July 06, 2019

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