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A "Spankie" is a new member to a group of friends that have been around for a long time (Much like a fire-fighter's Probie) This new "Spankie" must perform mundane tasks that the others do not wish to do.
A "Spankie" cannot be named by their true name until they have done an awesome act of total awesome that will initiate the vote of the group to not call Him/Her Spanky, that or they must stay around long enough to hold seniority over a new "Spankie"
Bob: Hey what's the new kid's name?
Billy: Spankie
Bob: That's his real name?
Billy: To us it is *Looking very awesome whilst saying it*
Spankie: Really guys?
Bob: Spankie go close the door!
Spankie: -Sigh- *Spankie closes the door*
by One Dunce Cap April 19, 2010
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