PON (verb, noun)

Similar to pwn, but dates back to a Warcraft guild that turned the word pwn and replaced the w with an o

1. An act of dominating an opponent.
2. Flawless victory. Schooled. Lesson taught. Owned beyond conventional words, and so excited about it
3. Abbreviation for the gaming clan Phalanx of Nod
We pon'd our opponent in that arena
by Ceraphus February 15, 2010
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When your trying to look up "porn" but instead type in "pon"
Fuck i just typed in pon instead of porn
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to skip something, don't go to an event that you are required to go to.
by deementor June 06, 2009
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abbreviation standing for "peace out nigga", used commonly online to introduce your departure
aight, i'm out, pon1
by Pat NH December 25, 2005
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An American slang term for tampon.
"Damn! The string broke offa my pon and I hadda get it out with my fingers."
by Arjay April 20, 2006
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