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Computer software that is like a root kit, virtualizing the entire system. It is designed to intercept all input output. It is used for information control. Its existence is not formally acknowledged.
Changing my webcam resolution is not working- it must be the underware preventing the settings change.
by JayRDontCareNoMo August 9, 2019
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Underwear, made using tableware.
"Look at her 'underware' she's covering her breasts using dinner plates!" , " I like having pillow fights in my underware."
by Jonathan Yang March 12, 2008
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It refers to someone where they have taking a piss through there underware and left it for 1-2 weeks as it was left moist, mould starts to grow in the crotch regeion giving the effect of mouldy underware
Robert had a poo bum and didnt wipe it, after a couple of weeks he had mouldy underware
by Boardy August 8, 2009
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