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The art of having sex in a spa / hot tub.
i.e. Spa / banging
Man, I was at this hotel the other night, and this chick totally wanted it. So we spanged all night long (All niiight). Spanging is epic.
by Sir Spangalot May 11, 2012
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the bunching of a collared shirt underneath a sweater vest.
by christiefitchems. October 10, 2006
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Variation of skeet. When you jizz on a girls tits.
by GL-unit April 8, 2006
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A person whom acts in either an unflattering, salacious or destructive manner.
Cindy was spanging around at the party, hooking up with every guy she could.
by B&NCreations May 18, 2003
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to wank over asian cartoons
last night i busted gerry having a spang and he had a massive cock
by bhb August 17, 2003
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To spange (ask for spare change) from a stranger on the fly. As opposed to flying a sign, another form of spanging crack spange insinuates that it is being done spontaneous. Often done in the case of needing money for something immediately.
"I am ten cents short for a bottle of snake piss so Im gonna go crack spange on the way to the LQ.
by dave m w April 10, 2011
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wang spang is a flavor of ice cream in nevada
i woud like a scoop of wang spang pleas
by samuel dionne April 4, 2003
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