Begging for spare change at freeway on/off ramps and in front of stores with or without a sign.
The economy is so bad, it is common to see people spanging on freeway exits and on busy corners.
by Berryblue July 24, 2009
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To smack that troll-faced moron from The Ting Tings in the face with a spade.
"I was spanging her for a while until my arms got tired, and now they're both going under my new patio" - twentynine
by twentynine July 11, 2008
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Spare Changing formerly known as Panhandling. It is a common practice amidst North American Homeless. Usually accomplished by "flyin' a sign" another common tactic beyond directly requesting financial assistance.
"Dude I'm Broke, n Hungry, let's spange up some dinner."
by MichaelDC December 27, 2007
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Spare Change (as in panhandeling)
"spange, spange, I need a beer."
by TheBigGuy May 21, 2006
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"I am going to spange on the corner for a beer"
by Cybelle November 28, 2006
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