A person from the Eastside of Toledo OH, commonly known as an 05er. White trash wanna be thugs.
He's got a 1990 Camaro rusted out with rims and a system, he must be a cinco.
by cinc-a-dinc October 4, 2010
Last night Harrison and I did a cinco to Chris DeBurgh's "Spanish Train." Four hours later we were hopping a fence at the Baha'i Temple.
by Casey Georges November 27, 2007
an act in which ten sweaty Mexican migrant workers (with dirt 'staches) named Diego, Esteban, Pancho, Paco, Chico, Alfonso, Juan-Carlos, Pedro, Raul, Sergio. They all take turns gangbanging (five at a time) one migrant wench with a hairy bush. And then rotate to the next group of five.
"Ten migrant workers performed Cinco! Cinco! on me. Those sweaty hombres sure did run a train on me last nite after i passed out in the cornfield... it wasnt all that bad... except for the fact that my ass can now fit ten tamales in it... but all in all... GOATSE!!!"
by Merve Engle May 10, 2007
the spanish word for four people (usually hispanics, but not necessarily so) drowning in quicksand
me: "Yo, heard there was another quattro cinco last night."
you: "Ain't it a bitch"
me: "I'm hungry, how 'bout mexican?"
you: "Dude, I'm fo sum o dat."
by spiderbesideher September 21, 2009
Any handheld piece of technology that is old or outdated, like a cell phone or a offbrand mp3 player. The term comes from an episode of Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job that has a "commercial" that tries to peddle a ridiculously shitty cell phone.
Person One: Hey, bro, my cell phone just died. Can you mapquest directions to the party?

Person Two: Nah, sorry dude. I got the cinco phone.


Person One: Hey, can you take a picture of me here?

Person Two: Sorry, my cell phone doesn't have a camera.

Person One: You mean your Cinco Phone doesn't have a camera.
by cinco phone June 1, 2009
The act of a hoe giving head to any guy while with a man.
Head Receiver: "I told that nigga's ratchet hoe to give me head, and she did" Damn, that bitch gave me crown....

Guy and Friend: (yelling) Ocho Cinco!

refer to Ocho Cinco by: French Montana and MGK
by LacedUpforLife_ESTFAM January 17, 2013