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Acting in a slutty manner; over sexed.
She was acting so salacious when she pulled off her top and bra on top of the bar.
by Mr.Vocab May 17, 2003
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it basically expresses someone who's incredibly hot out of their mind and likes to flaunt it. it can be derogatory or as a compliment. it means "sexually stimulating", but also is used for talking about porn.
Guy to girl: Dayumm girrrl, you'z so salacious, you make me hard.

Guy to another guy: Dude that video was so fucking salacious. You seen it?
by tooEMOformyfacexx September 17, 2006
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a sophisticated way to say sleazy; sexual in a vulgar or overdone way.
“Mr. Thomas, my good man, are you still seeing that salacious young socialite?”
“Why yes, Dick, I am!”
“Oh, you dog!”
by masokitty August 05, 2018
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A fetish for hookers urinating on the bed an ex- US president slept on, while in Russia
There were salacious details in the report
by Smarmy McQueasy November 05, 2017
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