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LQ Love Quotient definition - (noun): A person’s ability to be kind and loving to his/her self and to others.
Strengthen your LQ by saying, "I love you," to yourself daily.
by mushpuppy June 22, 2018
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Stands for "Low Quality"

Typically used to emphasize somebody who is real trailor trash.
Bob: Hey Sally, did you see the guy who applied for the job today?

Sally: Ya, he was really dirty looking.

Bob: Ya, a real LQ.
by G R M September 16, 2005
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An abbreviation for "loin quake."

When the loins "quake" as a result of seeing an attractive person. Often occurs suddenly and forcefully.
"Man, when I saw Hugh Jackman for the first time, I had a major LQ."
by Undesirable Number One June 30, 2009
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lq stands for laughing quitly,

This is needed in the urban dictionary as lol is becoming a waste of time as it is massivily over used.Often people never actually lol, well i dont, So if we use lq we will be telling the truth and lol will again have a meaning.
Monty says: What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe?

Harry says: lq
by malcom fergueson September 10, 2009
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i like to claim invention to this one:
lq = laughing quietly
since no one ever really laughs out loud this is the new laughing term for iming, now lol means even funnier.
msnguy1: aim sucks!
msnguy2: lq
by the December 10, 2004
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