A dirigible-shaped turd conisting of a number of pebble turds stuck together. Contrast with globular cluster which lacks the well-defined shape and more resembles a chocolate peanut cluster.
The dump I took this morning consisted of three slimers, a cluster, a globular cluster and a cloud. Man, I lost weight with that one.
by Mel Biggs August 10, 2006
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Disorganization; chaos; illogical.
Traffic was a cluster during rush hour.
by JMydlak August 09, 2004
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A raw, mark-ass trick who runs amok.
Dude, ur such a cluster.
I just called U that 5 minutes ago...
by phoneshia April 08, 2006
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A series of small events or actions.

Taken from Australian cricket commentary, refering to the grouping of where each ball lands on the pitch during an over.
Good cluster Warnie!

Dave:"I tripped over, stubbed my toe and spilt my beer."
Mark:"That's a bad cluster. You're gonna have a bad time."
by Šteggs May 14, 2007
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In Call of Duty during Zombie Mode when you are being chased by a horde of zombies and you run around to get the zombies in a cluster. This way, you can shoot all the zombies at the same time to get tons of points.
Dude, Grady, check out this prime clusterization! Im getting so many points!
by Gradymasta July 26, 2011
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It is a polite way of saying Cluster Fuck when you can't say Fuck. Mostly used in normal speech in front of parents, small children, clergy or PC co-workers.
"Oh man, that 17 car pile up on the Beltway was a huge Cluster. I had no idea when or if I was going to get out of it alive."
by SusanHunt August 26, 2005
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