When pee while spooning with your significant other and both of you marinate in the sweet and savory broth of your love
We sat under the stars of the crisp and cool summer eve, and whilst the blades of grass tickled my toes, I could feel a warmth radiate through my back from his soup spooning.
by crampappydime November 19, 2016
The dip under your nose and above your lip. Scientifically known as the Philtrum.
by Miss Fancy Pants August 19, 2014
The art of spooning, although the people spooning are obese
"that Guy is fat, so hes soup spooning"
by SsHhEeSsHh August 9, 2004
oh baby, i wanna stir your colon with my soup spoon
by kstine February 22, 2009
verb; action; sexual activity involving a man and a (wo)man where they engage in anal sex while lying in the spooning position. This act occurs only when the "front" spoon is suffering from diarrhea and empties there bowels on the "back" spoon while having anal sex. also known as the cleveland steamer's angry eastern cousin.
guy one: dude, i was with a girl last night and we totally did some Dirty Baltimore Soup Spooning.

guy two: thats disgusting. please tell me it wasn't on your bed.

guy one: no, we used the neighbors picnic table.
by Baltimore Barry December 29, 2011
This franchise in Singapore sucks.I was allergic to mushroom and they didn’t tell me that mushroom soup had mushroom.The store has no idea how to give information to their customers
Don’t eat soup spoon or you will pass away
by Soup Spoon Founder/CEO September 4, 2019