to pee aka piss in another liquid as a prank or just to be an ass.
person 1: Hey everyone outta the pool!
person 2: why??
person 1: Fuckin' Steve broth AGAIN!!!
person 2: Dammit does he need waterproof pampers?!?!
by Dar Hoss February 14, 2008
To escort another person, sometimes using force.
Your majesty! I have broth you a prisoner.
by DKLONE June 28, 2007
"Saturday's are for the broths."
by mattlover67 November 20, 2017
"Did you lose your car or your house?"
by Pogue2012 June 13, 2008
Figuratively speaking, a large pot of stew that you throw someone in when they mess up. Often, but not always referring to drugs. Could be similar to the "doghouse."
Steve: This is what Dave sold me for $20.
John: Man, that's slack as hell! Dave's in the broth until he makes this right.
by skunxification November 4, 2011
hot juices found in a brothel. Usually served with crabs
"Looks like you got extra crabs with that broth, Wayne"
by Attilla the Hump June 13, 2003
Is the past-tense of breathe
I went on the porch and brothe in the fresh air
by fresh1231 July 29, 2010