prison. romany word 'staripen', an immovable thing or place from which you cannot move, ultimately connecterd to the word 'stasis'
he's doing stir
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
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Australian slang; Sydney (verb): to tease someone playfully about something which they are usually innocent of. For example, teasing someone about being lazy, when you actually don't think they are lazy, but just want to see their reaction.
I was just stirring him when i called him an idiot. I didn't really mean it
by schlongking April 26, 2011
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prison, jail, "the joint", poky/pokey
1851, etymology unknown
Frenchy, gimme the money!
I wouldn't invest our last six thou if you had a legit idea ... much less something that's gonna land the three of you jerks back in stir.
(Small Time Crooks)
by Zwentibold December 5, 2007
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someone looking like you could putitinthecauldron or something whipped up good. Usually they radiate a magickal sensual aura with ease and self pleasure.

A really confident individual…
You: damnnn they looking stirrrrr

Them: (listening) oh yeah? come putitinthecauldron

You: you stir evre I like that, come put your number in my phone.
by p11tc January 28, 2022
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To insert the penis into either, the vagina, the mouth, or the anus and spin one's self in either a clockwise or counterclockwise manner.
We did some thrusting and achieved climax when we "stirred".
by HoserHoe November 11, 2004
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adj. The quality of being crappy or subpar.
etymology: stir-fry
Customer service here is pretty stir. I waited in line for 20 minutes only to have them say they couldn't help me.
by K4PennTom May 16, 2008
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- A slang word for prison

- Stir is a 19th-century slang term for "prison," which some word historians believe is derived from the Romani stariben, which has the same meaning.
“I was in Brummagem, and was seven days in the new ‘stir’ (prison).” The term “Brummagem” was a local nickname for the English city of Birmingham.

- However, the phrase “in stir” (without the article) was the usual slang term for “in prison.”
by Vabe Tellurion December 19, 2022
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