I person who knows what the hell he/she is doing with their life and make it happen
my freind walked up calmly to the girl and asked for her number without sounding stupid. How sound is that?
by Trinka May 02, 2005
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some gronk that idles in a IRC channel, thinking his the best and everything and talks about how gay he is
* Now talking in #gayporn
<Sounds> hay everyone, i got a collection of hardcore gayporn staring me inside
by [w00t] September 18, 2004
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Something that you cannot hear.
Guy: Whoa, you hear that sound?
Girl: No. Because I can't hear it.
Guy: Must be a legit sound then if you can't hear it.
by L8RZZZ November 06, 2019
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Irish slang if someone is awesome or really kind or genuine.
by Arandohuman February 10, 2019
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Person 1 : Who's that lad called Jack?
Person 2 : Oh, I know him! He's so sound.
by findingthewilltolive3 February 18, 2018
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When something sounds good, or someone seems like a cool person.
β€œDid you meet the new guy?”... β€œOh yeah, he seems like a sound guy” or β€œI will meet you at the corner of your street”... β€œSound mate”
by pweewee February 13, 2021
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some body that is chill or cool is down to help with no return
yes "name" is sound
i think that person is sound
via giphy
by clutch_hero134 March 23, 2018
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