WOW everyone uses the "smart" definition. it means N O I S E you fucking retards
creek errk creek errk
-honey, uhh, why, uhh, is, uhh, the bed, uhh, making, uhh, that, uhh, sound, uhh
-uhh, i, uhh, dont, uhh, know, uhh
by Urban Dictionary March 17, 2005
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meanin good. not like SanJ Street said before cos if you ask for a fag and they say they ent got none left and you say sound mate it sounds sarcastic as fuk.
beccy: i went to Scream last nite
scuz: yeh?
beccy: yeh it was wel sound!!
scuz: tru
by ali p April 15, 2005
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To sound, a guy slowly inserts a tube (may be hollow) down his pee-hole to his bladder for pleasure. In doing so, the dude may have a pleasure-gasm or just pee.
I wanted to sound, but my first time I used a fuzzy pipe cleaner and ... OUCH!
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by USAF Cadet January 30, 2021
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Joe: can I have a chewing gum
Mike: ye bro
Joe: you sound
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by Shabba dabba October 19, 2019
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Sound means that you are alright and sometimes ready. If someone asks how you are feeling you can say your "sound".
"Yeah mate I'm sound."
"I've booked the table, we're sound."
by Loopylu123l July 24, 2017
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short for "sound system," i.e. a DJ collective, sometimes mobile. roots in jamaican culture, particularly dub or dancehall. a sound consists of selectors and deejays. the selector spins dubplates through usually massive wattage, and may be accompanied by the deejay, who will chat over the tunes. rival sounds may challenge one another, in a soundclash. the winning sound is said to "kill" the other sound.
ring the alarm, another sound is dying. woa-oh, hey.
by tht! tne May 24, 2005
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