If somebody's sound they are a person who is a good freind and not a snitch. They are safe and wouldnt do anything bad, plus they would always have your back.
"Oi bro that daniel is sound "
"Yeah i know bro hes calm trust"
by Allai bruv January 10, 2018
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A slang for music in the form of CDs or cassettes.
Jack: You stole my sounds!
Lehiff: They were crap.
Jakc: You was listening to 'em!
by Andrew M. M. August 07, 2006
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To insert a long rod into your penis to help the flow of ejaculation.
"I occasionally sound, but only when I'm out of Viagra...just kidding I'm not gay."
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Not like, transverse waves n all that, not something that you hear.

Means, thats cool/not bad/okay/nice/decent/pretty heckin cool
"I just bought 12 apples for 60p"
"Sound, bro"
by Xjxicixhhdjxjs August 03, 2018
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safe,safety,easy, noise, mega easy, descent. expressed gratitude
added usage: 'sound man sound' point with index and thumb and raise & shake from elbow. - gesture to truly express 'soundness'(see other definations)
by nicktheo May 16, 2006
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