A game where people insult each other first one to get F-cking mad loses
Example of the dozens

Sam-I fucked your mom
John- I fucked your sister and your mom
John-haha bitch you lose
by JdogClanPS3 October 12, 2013
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Where one sleeps for at least twelve consecutive hours.
(Pronounced "doze-in a duh-zen")
Thane: "Hey broski, you're lookin' alive this morning."
Charlie: "Yeah I went to bed at 9:00pm last night. I always feel great after dozen a dozen."
by 15897 September 22, 2009
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Came from super fat chick that ordered a dozen of dozen donuts. Meaning a really super fat chick that is likes donuts.
Dozen dozen comes to this donut shop alot to buy a dozen of dozen donuts.
by mrxbaka March 4, 2009
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A nickname used to mock or insult a person who cannot do anything. The word "dozen" is a wordplay on the word "doesn't". This term is mostly used on K-pop idols, with the origin coming from an NCTzen, (NCT fandom name) joking about WAYV (an NCT group) member Lucas, not being capable to do anything for the group.
@BAEKHUI : lucas shoulda been named 12 cause he dozen rap .. dozen sing .. dozen do anything 🤣🤣🤣
by nahyuckriceseller January 17, 2023
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Playing the dozens is an African-American custom in which two competitors -- usually males -- go head to head in a competition of comedic trash talk. They take turns "cracking on," or insulting, one another, their adversary's mother or other family member until one of them has no comeback. In the U.S., the practice can be traced back to chattel slavery, when violence among slaves was a property crime with potentially draconian consequences. Verbal sparring became a substitute for physical contention. While the competition on its face is usually light-hearted, smiles sometimes mask real tensions.

The dozens can be a harmless game, or, if tempers flare, a prelude to physical violence. But in its purest form, the dozens is part of an African-American custom of verbal sparring, of "woofin'" (see wolf ticket) and "signifyin'," intended to defuse conflict amicably, descended from an oral tradition rooted in traditional West African cultures. The dozens is a contest of personal power -- of wit, self-control, verbal ability, mental agility and mental toughness. Defeat can be humiliating; but a skilled contender, win or lose, may gain respect.

"Yo' mama," a common, widely recognized argumentative rejoinder in African-Amercan vernacular speech, is a cryptic reference to the dozens.

The term "the dozens" refers to the devaluing on the auctionblock of slaves who were past their prime, who were aged or who, after years of back-breaking toil, no longer were capable of hard labor. These enslaved human beings often were sold by the dozen.

(My wording from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.)
Yo' mama's so fat, when she hauls ass she gotta take two trips.
by deeceevoice September 25, 2004
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A person, usually kpop idol who has no skills nor talent. Most of the time being someone who has gotten carried by their looks alone.
You know Mario? He just debuted but he dozen sing, dozen dance, dozen rap!
by Justfactsforfood February 25, 2023
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The mf in nct who did not certainly raise the roof
Nctzen: omg who is that dancing off beat
Nctzen 2: oh that’s dozen and he’s obviously not raising the roof
by neosvl November 21, 2021
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