when a guy urinates after ejaculation, like after sex or jacking off
After me and my girl banged i had to go in the bathroom and do a pipe cleaner, i felt so blocked.
by little_nut2 July 26, 2010
A complete tool, jerk-off, looser. The kind of guy that would steal from your home when you let him stay, try to hit on your women and eat your food when you had no money. The lowest of the low on the scumbag scale. Untrustable. A total dink...
That guy is a complete pipe cleaner. Don't let him near your friends, family or property or you'll regret it.

I'd rather poke my eyes out with scissors then hang with that pipe cleaner.

Dude what a friggin pipe cleaner that guy was....
by JohnnySalami March 1, 2007
Penicillin or any other drug designed to treat urinary misery or STD's.
Dude # 1: " I feel awful, can you go to the pharmacy and pick up my prescription?"

Dude # 2: "Sure. Erythromycin? Cat, you need a stronger pipe cleaner than that!"

Dude # 1: Yeah like what?

Dude # 2: "Penicillin,maybe even Draino, if you scored with that hoochie you left the club with last week, yuk yuk!"
by Kentaylor March 26, 2007
A pick up line that surprisingly is rarely used. It's made for girls with big, puffy, or glossy lips, implying they're good at giving head.
dude:hey are your lips a pipe cleaner
girl:no, why
dude:they're both good at the same job.
by Necrozma Beam October 19, 2020
the mythical first pish after a session of spanking ones ham, which clears ones steaky pipe of any remaining wankpiss
Me : Oh, i had a pipe-cleaner about 10mins ago, refreshing...to the max

Paul : dont worry, theres no sugar...
by Oliver Q. Cuntbuttock September 20, 2006
Women who like to suck dirty and smelly penises.
A: Man, you should take a shower. You stink!
B: I'll take one later. My pipe cleaner is waiting next door
A: Oh, I didn't know. Hey, can I take a shower real quick? I'm going to meet my bitch in 30 minutes and she doesn't like smelly dicks at all!
B: WTF! That biatch next door is doing it for free. Why wasting all that water. Let her clean your pipe!
A: Sounds like a plan :)
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005
Solid, girthy turd that cleans your colon out, especially useful after some peanut-butter shit.
Man I had a nasty shit earlier. I wasn't looking forward to the cleanup but luckily I had conjured a pipe cleaner to push out what stayed behind.
by MMDeveloper September 20, 2010