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short for "sound system," i.e. a DJ collective, sometimes mobile. roots in jamaican culture, particularly dub or dancehall. a sound consists of selectors and deejays. the selector spins dubplates through usually massive wattage, and may be accompanied by the deejay, who will chat over the tunes. rival sounds may challenge one another, in a soundclash. the winning sound is said to "kill" the other sound.
ring the alarm, another sound is dying. woa-oh, hey.
by tht! tne May 24, 2005
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variant: mopemouth

when you have done something inexorably foolhardy, and then you, have been stuck with the mope. nothing that you can say or do will regain you a measure of dignity that day. you are stuck with the mope, causing you a bastion of shame until you can incrementally redeem yourself.
gentleman #1: *says something inexcusably dull or vulgar*
gentleman #2: "..."
gentleman #3: "holy shit gentleman #1, you are fucken, stuck with the mope."
gentleman #2: "agreed, you got the mopemouth somethin' awful motherfucker."
gentleman #1: *shamefully recedes into background plotting redemptive act*
by tht! tne April 7, 2005
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originating in online community we are the music makers, "needs more phil collins" signifies a poignant lack of phil collins in anything you please. usually it can be easily corrected by adding just the right amount of him, be it a jpeg or maybe midi samples of relevant phil collins musical endeavors.
"i'm sorry tue, but your submission for the university art contest needed more phil collins.

perhaps refer to your classmates' submissions. the world is just a better place with appropriate amounts of phil collins."
by tht! tne January 1, 2005
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kool keith is the best MC ever. he's better than every other MC.
i like to listen to records by kool keith.
by tht! tne April 21, 2005
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it is an abbreviation of "ought to," meaning that the subject of the sentence is obliged to perform said act.
i orter wash these 'ere britches 'fore'n go i to da hootenanny.
by tht! tne June 11, 2005
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this band that one time they played a show that i was at, have you heard their song "tight spin," the drums on that song are fucking unbelievable.
also when they played "pyramidion" live i almost lost it at least once.
by tht! tne October 25, 2004
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this neologism stems from the seminal hip-hop release deltron 3030 by the group of the same name (dan the automator, del tha funkee homosapien, kid koala), specifically track 3, "the fantabulous rap extravaganza."

usage: instupituous refers to something that is beyond dope, possibly interspatial, maybe boasting jet propulsion or at least better rhymes than any you've ever heard, including the time your cousin d-pennyweight busted freestyles for an hour and a half while you and your girl jammed to it by a bonfire on the beach out of the back of a 1967 chevy nova.
be there for the rap battle
it's going to be interspectacular!
it'll blow your socks off
it's one of those things where machine vs. man
man vs. woman
woman vs. your mother
be there intergalactic rap battle,
it's instupituous!
by tht! tne January 5, 2005
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