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noun. (Sh-nick-L . Frit-z)

Snicklefritz was originally used in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where Snicklefritz is an affectionate name for a mischievous or overly talkative child.

"Schnickelfritz" was the name of a somewhat popular comedy band in the 1930s

In 1953 Billy Wilder both directed and co-wrote the Oscar winning war drama "Stalag 17" About a WWII PoW accused of being an informant within the camp. One scene in the film involves the PoWs betting on mouse races for cigarettes. one race involves two mice named Snicklefritz and Equipoise. Snicklefritz loses to Equipoise when it stops to chase its tail during the race. (This could be the origin of word in the popular comedy "Pineapple Express" rating Snicklefritz as a low grade of Marijuana)

From 1992-2006 a Canadian children's television series called "The Big Comfy Couch" about Loonette the Clown and her doll Molly, who solve everyday problems on their 'Big Comfy Couch'. In the Show, Snicklefritz is the character Granny Garbanzo's scallywag cat.

The 2008 Comedy "Pineapple Express solidified a whole new definition of the word within the Marijuana Subculture.

Snicklefritz is referred to in the movie as a very low grade of marijuana. This exact translation has weaved seamlessly throughout the subculture's dialog as to still be used to designate the lowest grades of marijuana or any random strain. This is widely accepted throughout the U.S. as the most common and popular definition of the word.
Dude, my dealer told me he had Northern Lights, but when i got there all he had was Snicklefritz
by xMr Anonymousx February 02, 2011
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First used in the 2008 super-comedy Pineapple Express, this word was used to refer to any random strain of marijuana the drug dealer is selling, namely a low-potent strain. This is the comical side of the stoner culture as there are hundreds off different, inconsistent names of marijuana strains always circulating.
Dealer: You want to see the Snow Cap i just picked up today?

Stoner: That's not Snow Cap! That just looks like some snicklefritz...
by MrGreen27 September 25, 2008
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This word has been around since long before Pineapple Express.
It's a very old term of endearment for a rambunctious male toddler from the low German dialect spoken by Mennonites.
Snicklefritz should probably be spelled schnigelfritz.
by caprees June 21, 2009
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Shitty weed, schwag, nig weed.

Origin: Pineapple Express
Saul Silver refers to a lower class weed he is selling with the name Snickle fritz. Therefore Snickle fritz derived into a common name for non-desirable weed (at least a the University of Iowa).
"Snickle fritz, again man? I not buying that ditch weed"
by uNOtheJOE April 17, 2009
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a movie racemouse
In one of director Billy Wilder's gems.... the brilliant WW2 comedy Stalag 17 (1953), the p.o.w. barracks black marketeer J.J. Sefton (William Holden in his Oscar winning role) runs mouse races in the barracks......complete with an improvised track and pari-mutual wagering (in this case for cigarettes....not cash). In one of the races the co-favorites are named.....Snicklefritz and Equipoise. In one scene, two of the p.o.w's..... Harry and Kasava (nicknamed 'Animal') have a pre-race argument about who to bet on. Finally, Harry (Harvey Lembeck) convinces his crony Animal (Robert Strauss) that they should bet their ten cigarettes on ....Snicklefritz. After a fast start, Snicklefritz suddenly stops mid-race to chase his own tail, allowing Equipoise to win the race. Animal.... "why did I let you talk me into betting Snicklefritz.....we lost! " Harry..... "i don't know what happened.... I clocked him this morning and he was running like a doll". Animal...."you clocked him....why don't I clock you!".
by wile033 June 29, 2010
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