Stuff left behind, shit that no one wants. From Latin. Often used when the speaker expects that the listener won't know what the word means. This word is commonly used to describe the pile of bones and feathers that the hawk leaves behind after he eats the pigeon.
* Is that your detritus there?
* Why is all this detritus in the back seat of my car?

Pronounced DEE-truh-tus
by dbushong June 2, 2005
A useless person, someone that fails to be good at necessarily anything. Trash.
After her career collapsed, Lindsey Lohan became detritus.
by c.montroseisgay April 19, 2011
The thousands of email addresses, blogs, GeoCities sites, AngelFire and Tripod pages that are floating around cyberspace, neglected by creators who have forgotten the passwords to the accounts.
I made a GeoCities page when I was in high school and have no idea what the URL is, it's just another piece of digital detritus now.
by DT Blair September 30, 2010
A man who’s liver is quickly decomposing due to a constant flow of IPA’s.
Detritus Dave just got off work and is heading to the bar to get his fix.
by 1000fun October 6, 2018