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weed that has fallen out of the blunt or bowl and is now on the table
Kenny: Yo bowls kicked and we're out of weed...
Joey: Nah son check the table we gotta have some table weed
by Stefanious February 06, 2009
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After a night of smoking marijuana and probably consuming mass amounts of alcohol at the house, one can wake up and find this amazing, FREE substance in their own living room. Tableweed takes the form of small green morsels of pot, usually scattered around where the blunt(s) were rolled or the bowl(s) was packed. Tableweed is the best hangover cure, period.
Stoner#1: Fuck man we smoked all our pot last night.
Stoner#2: Dude did you check for tableweed?
by winkler December 10, 2006
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