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The word "schnickelfritz" is a term of endearment of uncertain Germanic origin. It means something akin to 'rascal', 'scamp', or 'little chatterbox'. The word is usually used with children, but can also be used between others who are close with each other.

Also, Schnickel Fritz is a folklore character. Fritz was a rascally little boy. He also is mentioned in the Schnitzelbank song. (Google the song...I'm not chronicling it here.)
Johnny just played a trick on me and made me look silly; what a schnickelfritz!

To a child: Hurry and put your shoes on, Schnickelfritz!
by Rampant Andie April 26, 2011
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The term, "schnickelfritz," used to be a commonly used term, in place of the word "thing." it is derived from two ancient words of the ancient Babylonian and Mesopotamian languages; schnickel and fritz. A schnickel is a popular ghetto term for a monetary unit of exchange used in the United States, the nickel, worth 5 cents. A fritz is a popular, but not so popular term for a broken down German soldier. It was a piece of American military slang during the times of WWII. "Schnickelfritz" is now an unpopular term used by the almost-but-not-so-cool teenagers of s-dub. It won in a popularity contest against the word offie, and then lost in the meaningless banter in the WB network's Gilmore Girls, and is now used as a light insult to random, unsuspecting people who think it sounds schway.
"Did that nice guy with a cute dog just break up with you last night?"

"Yeah, he's a schnickelfritz."
by Justini Dinhrrine June 21, 2005
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