simply not abiding by any kind of rule ( outlaw is also unruly )
this place has become like an unruly mob... says strong bad
by lambdacore January 10, 2009
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Oh shit no Unruly is known as the legendary Ares a Greek god Oliver generations unruly has been passed down this current Unruly is 509th which means over 509th generations of unruly’s were made he is also a great person and will suck your big toe like a sucker all jokes aside he is a skillful leader and is a great demolition+ infantrymen
Unruly is going to fuck us in the ass
by TheReclaimer509th May 19, 2019
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An unruly vagina is one which is basically having a bad hair day. A vagina with pubic hair that is out of control.
1. Sheesh Joanne, you shouldn't wear your bikini until you get that unruly vagina under control.

2. Enola's unruly vagina was not a deterrent to those who would have her.

3. Deborah's unruly vagina could not be tamed, so she begrudgingly opted for a Brazilian.
by Princess SweetPea November 10, 2011
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Unruly dick has two meanings:

1.) A dick that wont stop getting erect at inappropriate moments

2.) The person in charge of town/country/planet/business who monumentally screws over everyone underneath him
1.) RJ was never invited to weddings due to a unruly dick

2.) George Bush and Tony Blair were unruly dicks
by Princess Sweetpea August 14, 2014
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An Unruly KIKI is someone who is uncaring about anything which is not positive and good. It is usually used to refer to females and can also mean that they live life on the edge and enjoy partying and having fun.
Omg you are a queen. You don't care about anything but drinking, partying and having fun... you're such an Unruly KIKI!
by November 24, 2021
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July 15th. A British national holiday for getting truly unruly in July.
tom: are we celebrating truly unruly july?
peter: ofcourse. I will get the booze.
by david9457 June 29, 2023
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