Smart Phone: A cellular phone that is not only more intelligent and productive than it's owner but would also be rescued from a flood before the owner's mother-in-law.
As the waters were rising around him he had to make a difficult choice, grab for the smart phone or his mother-in law's arm.He chose and used his smart phone to call for help.
by Bullshitzer June 3, 2010
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Smart Phones are much like the fabled iPhones of legend, are effectively pimped out Mobile phones with many features derived from other already successful products but in one single device. This saves pocket space but the downside being it’s not quite as good the original devices.
Whilst checking Facebook intermittently and viewing high-resolution photos on a tiny screen whilst in conversation indispensible whilst anyone who they were talking patiently awaits a response.
Bill: Hey how are you?

Ted: I'm good, I'm just on... Haha

Bill: ... What?

Ted: Oh nothing just reading someone's status update on my new smart phone.

Bill: Hmm ok
by DaftSteamPunk September 20, 2010
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A wireless device that spends most of its time tethered to a charging cable.
Birds ate my Smart Phone battery - you have a spare ipod cable lying around?
by Manny Dalavera March 22, 2012
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A smart phone which randomly creates new words during texting making communication difficult.
by SmartA55 September 3, 2011
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The act of using one's smart phone to call someone for information you could have looked up on your smart phone by yourself.
Why call the theater for movie times when you could have just looked it up on your smart phone stupid?
by grasscarp99 June 2, 2011
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A person who is always, I mean ALWAYS on their smart phone, whatever the setting may be- parties, dinners, walking around, driving in a car, classroom, bed, breakfast, lunch, work time, free time, etc. This person is turning into a robot by the minute and his/her brain is slowly turning to mush. He/she is becoming more addicted to his/her phone, more selfish, forgetful, inconsiderate of real-life situations, etc., and it is really starting to piss me off. Real life situations, real people, education > social networking, texting, games.
Dude, stop being a smart phone junky, put your iPhone down for one second, and actually give a shit about something else for a change.
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A hi-tech "smart" phone that annoys the hell out of its owner due to regular glitches, poor service, and other shortcomings in its craftsmanship.
"My iPhone 4 just sent out a "Goodnight, I love you babe" mass text to everybody on my contacts list even though i only selected my girlfriend as the recipient. Stupid-smart phone.

I now rely on the stars when traveling, instead of my GPS app, stupid-smart phone"
by Dylan684 September 7, 2010
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