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Cover-up term for bisexual.
This is because of the periodic table of the chemical elements (chemistry): The 83rd element is Bismuth, which is abbreviated with "Bi".
(67 42 = Homo)
Don't tell anyone he's 83!
by yxw_str-rot13 March 24, 2009
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Hetrosexual Oral Sex. Think about it - "69" would only work for M/M or F/F sex...
We were 83in' last night when her mom walked in...
by AL1EN May 30, 2006
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Stupid answer to a stupid question. It can be used when a student in class is too slow to write something down and has to ask the others to repeat the last part all the time.

After a while you'll get annoyed and you just answer "83!".

It can also be used when someone asks a question of which he could have found the answer if he just thought a little.
dumb student: "What was that last part?"
all: "83!"
by jormeidt April 26, 2007
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anal sex (think on the 8 as an ass & the 3 as wang)
I had 83 last night, & it hurt like hell!
by amanda June 23, 2003
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The rate butthurt Murphy gave Samantha went they stopped dating. He tried, Samantha laughed...
MURPHY -Rate: 8.3
SAMANTHA -Thats funny
by dick8.3 December 27, 2016
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Hiphop guys (2Faces, BIC, Canox, Ben, T-Mo, ..) from Quebec southside. Their name come from the two first numbers in local phone numbers (83)x-xxxx
GΓ©rard: Hey man, last night i saw 83 assholes chillin' at the park!
Roger: They suck.
GΓ©rard: Fuck yeah, bro!
by Grungy Max October 12, 2004
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