A unit of liquid measurement that the French are trying trying to make the standard worldwide, part of the metric system.
A litre of water, a 5.3 litre engine
by Banastre July 16, 2004
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The painfully British spelling of liter. A liter is a few ounces shy of a quart.

In fact, it's downright bashful, because when it was first put into use, it was only a marketing ploy to allow manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to sell a smaller amount of product for the same price! The only reason we still buy things by the liter, so many years later, is because there's no way that greedy businesses are going to go back to giving us a full quart of product when we pay for one.
Even if you spell Litre Britishly, you still pronounce the E before the R, but you exaggerate the sharpness of the T, just in case anyone might have mistaken you for American. Besides, it makes people laugh, and that's a good thing, right?

Who knows why you capitalize the L!?!
by Fly on the Wall January 11, 2006
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Mexican sounding slang for liter.
da me un litre por favor amigo. neccesito el fuego por este mota sabrosa.
by Bigbe Beans May 10, 2008
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Refers to a huge effort in completing a task.
A: I feel like a big one tonight
B: Yeah me too, I think I'll do the whole 90 litres.

A: Hey, did you hear we won the football
B: Yeah, they were going the whole 90 Litres during the game
by wreak havoc November 03, 2008
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liter is french for give me some fu**ing cola before i break those f**king lips.
ill uh have a litre-a-cola
by drewbrew June 28, 2008
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Short form cl. Common term used among barkeepers with central europen background and people mixing drinks. Often confused with centi litres, which is a the measurement form for liquids. One litre is one hundret centi litres.

Clit litre is a slang term for any amount of alcohol beverages, be it centi litre, milli litre or litre. Barkeekers use this term interchangable to confuse people. They're assholes.
"Mix it with 2 clit litres of Xuxu!"
"How much?"
"2 cl..."

"0,33 cl Beer"
Means 0,33 litres.
by BarkeepTom July 09, 2010
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a person that is very filthy, stupid and only uses 5 litres of water a day
That kid is a massive 5 litre.
by travis casey February 26, 2007
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