Someone who keeps dropping their gadgets, breaking them in the processs.
"Oh god, Bob just broke his laptop yet again", "Yeah, Bob's a dropper, don't lend him your phone".
by MadHacker October 17, 2009
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convertable coupe or old school chevy
"i can tell she a bopper she can't look at me straight without stairin at my dropper"
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
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Droppers are clothes hangers that actually drop all your clothes. You hang your prized frock, shirt or leather thongs up - only to find them on the closet floor.
'Droppers' are an example of the stealth technology employed by manufacturers of blood pressure treating drugs to increase demand for their product.
That last set of hangers from Walmart were actually 80% droppers!
by Steek3636 June 30, 2011
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The most amazing thing possible. A group of friends that are solid for life. The most amazing person ever.
Evy is a dropper.
Ivan has droppers.
John likes droppers.
by EGRN November 27, 2010
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A person who is generally bad at catching things, or even just holding things without dropping them.
Three friends have been playing throw-and-catch with a ball.
Friend 4: hey, throw it to me bro
Friend 1: sure!
Friend 3: WAIT don’t do it
Friend 1: what??
Friend 3: He’s a dropper
Friend 1 and 2: Ahhhhhh good call
by Domino47253 December 10, 2018
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A kid who snitches on other kids that ' broke ' the rules, there by they are dropping people in it.
Tommy drew on the desk, the teacher talks to all of the class and asks who did it and says at the end of the day they can see them and tell the information. A dropper would be the one who told on Tommy.
by the stermister July 26, 2006
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The person who fails to reply in a conversation, therefore dropping that conversation and rendering it DEAD. This can be through several means: e-mail, texting, IM-ing, posting a message on someone's board, writing letters, or any channel of communication that requires a response from both participants after some slightly delayed period of time.

If a person is notorious as a convo dropper, some people may stop messaging him or her as much because nobody likes to start a conversation that will just end up dying when it reaches that person's phone, house, or computer.
Friend: "Who's the convo dropper in your relationship?"

Guy: "My girlfriend. Every time we start texting, she eventually just gets bored and stops replying."

Friend: "Man, you have to be the convo dropper every once in a while. That'll prove that you're not a chump"
by siphus February 26, 2009
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