When you secretly replace the coffee creamer with your cum.
I tricked Eric into drinking my Slurpy joe! He loves my new "creamer"
by wife beater2 November 30, 2021
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Licking semen from your hand after giving a handjob in public.
Bro 1: Yo did you hear about Kelly's Santa Cruz Slurpy?
Bro 2: Yeah bro, I saw her lick her hand right after sitting under a blanket with Blake!
by CSBoi October 25, 2016
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The act of shitting in anothers mouth and having them preform oral sex with the shit still in there mouth
Guy1: man i got the best new york slurpy last night
Guy2: wow dude thats gross
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The hottest fucking man on the planet.

He pulls only the best bitches, everybody wants to fuck him.
Person A: "Hey, heard of slurpy gamer 06?"
Person B: "Yes, I want to have sex with him.
by kelogsly August 24, 2022
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A spammer who sends out vast amount of forwards and an endless stream of emails
The 28 oz. slurpy never read a joke he/she did not forward on unsolicited to thier entire address book.
by ridge armstrong July 7, 2006
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The best way of saying that she gave you top at the red light. It also mean that you’re asking for that sucky suck
Me: “Can i get that slurpy suckatron 3000?”
Caitlin: “bet dik.”
by Jaxden January 18, 2021
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