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A man who's parents wanted a boat instead of a boy. He typically has severe halitosis and prefers emaciated women who have odd taste in clothes. A Sloop seems like a nice guy, but don't let his front fool you. Always watch your back when around a Sloop.
1) Girl 1: I went out with this guy yesterday. His breath was rank, but he seemed real nice. He had a funny name though. It was Sloop.

Girl 2: Oh no, not a Sloop! Run for the hills. Hide the women and children. No one is safe when a Sloop's in town.

2) Dental hygenist passes out from a patient's bad breath. Dentist walks in and says "Man! You just Slooped my hygenist!"
by TDGkittygirl February 04, 2017
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A vagina that hangs open freely.
With all the guys you have banged, I bet your sloop cant even hold back a piss anymore.
by Adam Harigast February 02, 2005
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The act of somebody falling asleep on the toilet during or after defecation.
Dick: Ah man he got so trashed the he slooped at the party.
Jane: Ah man, thats hilarious.


Historical reference: Elvis was slooping when he died.
by The Sloop Master April 21, 2010
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a stoop that slopes down on an angle providing space for seating
Daniel sat on the sloop because there was no available seating.
by Halimah Harden May 27, 2008
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An indescribably rancid, thin sludge like material. Smells foul and is found in certain locations such as: Under the fridge, in the drain, in tubby kid's 'pits, and 7 day old coffee.

Do not eat the sloop.
Eugh, I found some sloop in my locker. I'm gonna order some HAZMAT people or something.
by Crunch Demon March 23, 2010
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