3 definitions by Dogue Williams

The scars you get from all your sacrifices.
"all these scarifices, yet you couldn't sacrifice for me"
by Dogue Williams January 13, 2020
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The word dogue is derived from a picture of two dogs modelling for “dogue” looking all fancy. Fancy is a synonym for dogue, meaning dogue came first. Dogue fucking rules!
This Eid will be so dogue.
Dogue urdu dude !
Mann we are so dogue, I swear.
Shakespeare is so dogue in his writings.
This definition is pretty dogue.
by Dogue Williams June 02, 2019
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Sloop is a more quirkier manner of suggesting one is in an excessive need of sleep but is present in a gathering of friends, and so, painfully refrains oneself from passing out at any given moment because of the lack of sleep, and proceeds to joke around, telling people he/she needs to “sloop” laughs, and ones friends join him/her with laughter, but we all know that one never sleeps, therefore sloops.
“Dude, I want to sloop. Hahaha just kidding, you guys are my only friends, I’m not gonna go sleep and miss this sweet sweet socialising. I could die of sleep deprivation, nah, just kidding AGAIN”
by Dogue Williams November 30, 2019
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