dude, what's up with meaghan and jenny? those hotties are slooping for info all the damn time.
by slooper June 7, 2006
The disgusting sound that you make with your mouth when you're eating anything from the raw bar at a seafood restaurant, especially clams and oysters. A combination of a vacuuming, slurping, and crunching sound.
To really get at all the meat in an oyster, you have to give it a good sloop.
by pentozali December 26, 2007
Guy: man, he slooped all over the couch at the party last night!

Guy 2: nasty, bro! clean it up!
by murrryyy marffyyyyy December 21, 2010
When a chick's bra is too small, and her boobs mound up over the top (creating 4 boobs).

Holy shit dude, did you see how bad Melissa was slooping today? Fatty needs a new bra.
by Babodie January 10, 2007
The act of riding one's dirt bike in the desert.
Dean was a maniac at slooping in his day; he sure took down a lot of cacti and tortoises!
by Sir Sloop A Lot March 26, 2010