2 definitions by Crunch Demon

A facebook application that constantly needs to remind people about Person A's lonely gray kitten.
Average day with a Farmville player.

"Person A needs a bushel of hay!"

"Person A encountered an ugly duckling."

"Person A grew the biggest pumpkin!"

"Are you sure you want to de-friend Person A?"
by Crunch Demon April 28, 2010
An indescribably rancid, thin sludge like material. Smells foul and is found in certain locations such as: Under the fridge, in the drain, in tubby kid's 'pits, and 7 day old coffee.

Do not eat the sloop.
Eugh, I found some sloop in my locker. I'm gonna order some HAZMAT people or something.
by Crunch Demon March 24, 2010