To hang out; To chill.
Hey dude, lets sloop.

Hey man, wanna sloop later?

We haven't slooped in forever!
by Waukee2012 September 12, 2009
A person who claims to be a Crip but in fact is not. A person who claims to be a Crip after listening to a few Snoop dogg songs and then Gangbangs on the internet but is never seen on the set.
Mike: Aye Cuz, you know that fool Tyrone over on 99th?

Jay: Gea man, That fool stay rockin blue.

Mike: Nah, Fuck that nigga homeboy he dont even bang that nigga is a Sloop
by Vic "V Locc" J. March 22, 2006
A very salty soup

A very watery/Very salty soup

I asked me mate for some soup, next thing ye know it taste like pure sodium, did I ask for soup or sloop mate?
by Chickennoodlesloop July 29, 2018
1. The space between the start of your butt crack to the butthole.

2. Opposite the gooch; the butt crack's gooch
Man, I itched my sloop and it stank real bad.
by doodooking13 June 25, 2012
When one falls asleep while pooping. (the combo of sleeping and pooping)
Terry was so tired but in mexico so he had to go in the toilet and we found him slooping.
by Adizzal January 15, 2009
a fore-and-aft rigged boat with one mast and a single jib
The sloop was moored to the dock.
by katie g March 21, 2006