Similar to a shart, a sloop is the action of accidentally defecating in your sleep. This generally results in a sticky poo mess in the morning.
Remember that time slanty-eyed Paul slooped? He woke up in the middle of the night covered in his own excrement. Good times.
by JRitz January 28, 2009
The past-tense of sleep.
by oooofer June 23, 2019
Past tense of "sleep", similarly to "slept.
by Mr Bastian February 21, 2019
A word used by kaypeacreations by accident during an exhaustion fueled video to explain the action of sloping the sculpted fur on the face of a clay art doll.
If you look at your reference you can see that the fur kind of sloops in different directions depending on where it is on the face.
by JoJoRo_YT January 15, 2022
The mixture of semen and 💩 poop.
You will be introduced to sloop during a felching. Randy and Billy dedicated their whole morning making sloop for the fall felching festival.
by A-Pdiddy™ February 5, 2019
the odd facial retardation that varies in severity amongst approximately 25% of the gay male population.
"wow, jared is so homosexual"

"how do you know?"

"did you notice his sloop face?"
by mikedipi January 15, 2009
1:n. Sperm that pours out of the anus of a woman. Often after intense anal sex or rage-filled sex that involves a penis that is seventeen inches or longer. Often it is the consistency of toothpaste and a brown-gray color.

2:Slang refers to people who play more than five hours of video games daily
Man A: Yo I made some sloop yesterday with a whore.

Man B: Oh well I beat three of the fifteen video games I bought...

Man A: Fuck that shit man you're such a sloop bitch!
by Frank The Horney Giraffe February 27, 2010