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A small Pennsylvania town with the general populace consisting of fat, toothless retards. Child molestors, preteen whores, and skinny cokeheads also frequent this town. Someone may as well just bomb the place. The town's air is laden with the distinct acrid mix of body odor and raw fecal matter.
I drove through Slatington and an old crazy legless lady hopped in front of my car. I hit her out of pity.

Bobby cried himself to sleep at night because he lived in Slatington.

We all starting hurling as soon as we smelled the trademark Slatington stench.
by flapjack bob August 05, 2005
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A small rural town in East Central Pennsylvania. This town is well-known for its 300 pound toothless women wnadering the streets. There are also an abundance of 14 year-old's dressing as prostitutes. The one piece of art in the city is a statue of some pervert fireman holding a baby.
I am a child molester so I went to Slatington.

I have a fat woman fetish so I went to get me some action in Slatington.
by death2qwerty January 24, 2005
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A town that has a large central that doesnt breathe. Have been trying to get what the word "bounce" means since the early 1900's. Through years have coxed their jolly neighboring town and fought with them over school money, forcing the best of the folk's kids to freeze and walk past an opened crazy assylum on a main road after school and then not walk with side walks while strange drivers pull up to them and ask them if they want a ride. This was due from them shoving money up their ass so they can make a bike track to let their fat asses take off and fly. They don't like the look of student safely walking home, instead they try to make tramp trains along with very ill and adle fingers.
Well I might not feel, so maybe I better take a good long trip down a fingered up fitness trail in Slatington
by europopian April 21, 2009
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town in Pennsylvania managed by old farmers and populated by them and other old people. Their hobbies are involved within the the town. Very close nit. They made an old tow path into a bike, horse riding and walking trail. Through there is alot of garbage in the creek and even smells bad like urine and feices. There were very old houses that were torn down that look like they before hand, were deer beds. If taking a strole through the town you may find the old people sitting outside and looking at what is really going on. Their electric system fails whenever there is a thunder storm while the streets flood immediately, and there are tons of patrolmen/women on hand to evacuate the townspeople to safety. There are a few really good restaurants here and there.
Alot of trucks with sirens on them like to drive fast out of Slatington.

The Slatington truck driver decided to pass in front of a car and nearly smashed in front of my little jeep in the hailing rain. I honked at the rest of the Slatington truck drivers that went by.

I went to Slatington yesterday and some bikers almost ran me over.
by footsteps May 25, 2009
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