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Sticker fingers, blind dater who likes blow jobs something called a star six nine for him and her.
english teacher or some other teacher.
by europopian August 7, 2009
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Didn't use her own clothing to look good in school or college, copied someone else's style. Likes a blow job. Drinks underage. Worries about her boyfriend and other woman and grabs on stuffed things at night. Only ever likes her hair long. Isn't conservative and maybe is even a fucking petafile. Her providers must pet her files. Talks about who's she's associated with to complete strangers. Is pushy and demanding. Cruel to vaginas and doesn't care to her own breath.
That English Teacher is going to ruin Philadelphia please let a male teacher work there instead.
by europopian September 2, 2009
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Person carrying tendencies to dope themself up when depressed when something important is going on in their life. Person may set college work aside to take ecstacy, sniff cocaine, smoke cannibus, drink an exceeding amount of alcohol underage, speed drive, sell dope, tend to illegal engagements or just get naked in public. Has major claw hands. May flaunt on the spot, trying in attempts to do the "mermaid" with feet or boobs.
She just got home from college and is taking Ecstacy what a smut.

Chas is such a smut, taking all those lines of coke after that ecstacy, she should be busted soon.

They're choking thier game up, 2 years of college and taking ecstasy at a party in front of all the newbies, we gotta watch for the smut!
by europopian September 7, 2009
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Scary senscored bug with eight legs that eats it's own kind or anything that comes in it's path. Builds webs with it's juice inside. eats anythi
Dude that spider just ran across the kitchen floor so I killed it.

What I hate is a spider.

Dude that spider ate another spider that is disgusting.

Dude whenever I get near a spider I can feel how all their sensores are working at me, like they are touching all over me already and I freak out and kill it.
by europopian September 7, 2009
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can't sweep the mom's floor to keep it clean. Stuck almost half naked and smelling like her cooked beans.
strip hard day and night so they can brush their teeth because if they stank they just wouldn't mean a thing.
Get pretty rough. They can have your money before you knew what it's was. Because the government goes to shiyt and they have to play it to win.
Pay the important things in the government. They make sure our money is very well spent.

They walk around smelling like flowers and very proud. They screw around, tease and strip. Are half naked where it's a hot place to live.
The strippers have to play it to win.

Those strippers are rough.
by europopian July 14, 2009
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a girl who doesn't understand a Scottsman. Especially when the scottsman is ready to tear them through a rough for mot making any sense and stinking the clean.
Fucking stupid girl.

Quit your fucking stupid girl drugs.

You stupid girl there are babies.
by europopian September 7, 2009
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A town that has a large central that doesnt breathe. Have been trying to get what the word "bounce" means since the early 1900's. Through years have coxed their jolly neighboring town and fought with them over school money, forcing the best of the folk's kids to freeze and walk past an opened crazy assylum on a main road after school and then not walk with side walks while strange drivers pull up to them and ask them if they want a ride. This was due from them shoving money up their ass so they can make a bike track to let their fat asses take off and fly. They don't like the look of student safely walking home, instead they try to make tramp trains along with very ill and adle fingers.
Well I might not feel, so maybe I better take a good long trip down a fingered up fitness trail in Slatington
by europopian April 22, 2009
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